Air Conditioner

Electozone is a leading service range provider for three appliances which are Air Conditioner, refrigerator, and RO water purifier. The Air Conditioner is mainly used to cool down a particular space by removing the heating environment.

It needs some instruction of work from the user and then performs that instruction to operate the Air Conditioner. The Air Conditioner is the only home appliance that is used to maintain and control the home temperature to repeat the cycle and maximize comfort for the user.

The Air Conditioners are the split kind of systems because there are two parts of all AC brands. The First part is the indoor part which is also known as the evaporator and another is the outdoor part which is called a condenser of the Air Conditioner. Both these systems work together to complete the task of Air conditioners.

Air Conditioner

The Electozone is the best service range provider in Delhi and Delhi NCR. We have an experienced and skilled team of repairing agents for the Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, and RO water purifier. Also, we have a big team of servicing agents for all three appliances with attractive schedules, time management, and customer-satisfied budget.

The warm air increases dehumidification which passes over the cold evaporator. The split system describes the Air Conditioner with separate indoor and outdoor components or elements. The user also has another kind of Air Conditioner that linked all elements into one outdoor component and this system is known as Packaged Air Conditioner system.

The compressor in Air Conditioner can condense and circulates the refrigerant via the outdoor parts of the AC and this compressor converts the refrigerant from gas to liquid. Now, this liquid is forced by the cooling compartment or evaporator coil inside the Air Conditioner.

There are many kinds of services provided by Electozone. Some important services of Air Conditioner are provides as follows:

Residential air conditioner

Residential AC

The Electozone can repair three kinds of Domestic appliances which are Air conditioners, refrigerators, and RO water purifiers. These guys can repair all kinds of Air conditioners, refrigerators, and RO water purifier brands. 

The Air Conditioner is an electronic machine that follows a process to remove the heat from the entire space and maintain the air humidity in that particular space. All kinds of AC are used in both domestic and commercial environments as per the user’s requirement.

The cooling environment can achieve by a particular Air Conditioner via the refrigeration cycle but in some cases, passive cooling systems are responsible for the cooling environment such as evaporation or free cooling.

There are some advanced Air Conditioners that exist in the market which use a desiccant. This desiccant is the chemical that removes the moisture from the environment and makes the air of that environment cool and comfortable.

Industrial air conditioner

 Industrial AC

Mostly centralized Air Conditioners are used as the industrial AC for office and industry purposes. These Air Conditioner systems enable the user to distribute the cool air in the entire environment according to the temperature. Electozone service agents can repair all kind of Air Conditioner such as industrial, domestic, and commercial Air Conditioner.

 Following are the services that are provided under Residential AC and Industrial AC.

  • Installation / Relocation

The AC installation / relocation is a very important part of a particular Air Conditioner because it is the initial step of all new Air Conditioner. The user should be very careful while installing the Air Conditioner. The user should make sure that the service agent has some experience installing the Air Conditioner.

The AC installation / relocation is a very complicated task for the fresher because it takes a lot of time and money if the installation process is not working properly. The Electozone is the only repairing company in Noida which provides only experienced and skilled service agent for all kinds of task. They have certified specialists in their AC repairing team for various tasks as per the user’s instruction.

  • Service

Electozone is not used only for one service there are many kinds of services provided by Electozone with perfection in their work and complete-time management from the customer’s perspective.

  • Repairing

The repairing is the core department of the Electozone organization which is mainly developed for this purpose with perfection and customer satisfaction. They have a large team of repairing with highly qualified technicians.

  • Gas filling

The AC gas filling is a complicated task because the service agent first needs to check all working procedure of all parts after that they fill the AC gas otherwise it becomes dangerous and waste. The Electozone is very careful and attentive to its customers.