Industrial Air Conditioner

Electozone is a service range provider organization. We offer the best services like:  Air Conditioner repairing service, refrigerator repairing, and water purification service.

We provide the entire parts repairing service of these three home appliances which are required to everyone on the regular basis. We have many kinds of technical, support, and maintenance teams in our organization.

The Centralized Air Conditioner is mainly used as the Industrial Air Conditioner which is mainly used to distribute the cool air in the environment. The Industrial AC are beneficial to be monitored in real-time so that users can resolve any issue quickly and the system can operate at the peak of efficiency.

The industrial AC is normally used to the centralized cooling in the industries for various employees. This kind of system has a ducting system that enables the cool air to distribute in the entire environment.

The Air Conditioner has been used as a commercial, Industrial Air Conditioner, and many residential atmospheres for several years. These types of systems have high efficiency of work.

Industrial air conditioner


The Electozone is always ready to repair every kind of Air Conditioner with customer satisfied budget and better maintenance quality on regular basis. The Air Conditioner is not only used for cooling the room but it also improves the quality of air in the room. 

We offer complete client satisfaction and trust to the client as the delivery of repairing service by our experienced and skill repairing agent. The Electozone is the best repairing service provider for the Industrial Air Conditioning unit without any extra charges.

Industrial AC Installation

The industrial AC installation is a crucial part of AC repairing service for both user and the service providers. There are some important facilities provided by the Electozone at the installation time of the industrial Air Conditioning system.
These facilities are as follows:

  • First, the repairing expert drill on a brick wall to link the outdoor parts to the indoor parts.
  • Now, the AC specialist install the copper and drainage pipe.
  • In this step, an expert link or connect the ODU and IDU by using the standard wire length which is provided by the manufacturer.
  • Now, the service agent connect the AC stabilizer or power point for the ups and downs of electricity.
  • The AC specialist fix the ODU stand if available at the time of repair.
  • Provide Demo of Air Conditioner to the client of the customer after repair it.
Industrial AC Installation

This is the main AC repairing standard of Electozone which is provided to the customer and followed by the AC repairing agent at the time servicing at the client’s place.

Industrial Air Conditioner Maintenance

The Electozone is the only service range provider in Delhi and Delhi NCR which provides an Industrial Air Conditioner maintenance, AC repairing, refrigerator repair service, and RO water purifier repairing service.

We are the popular organization of Industrial Air Conditioning service for repairing purpose.

There are some important facilities which provided by the Electozone at the maintenance and installation time of Air Conditioner are given below:


  • First, the user schedule a visit by a maintenance and installation expert as per a fixed time slot according to the user’s convenience at a particular location.
  • Users should be alert to Getting the information timely by the maintenance and installation expert at the time of assigned service.
  • The client can inspect the site and product which is installed with high quality, background verification installation expert as per the user’s requirement.
Industrial Air Conditioner Maintenance

All the industrial AC companies follow all these standards but we continue with the extra feature of satisfied budget and time punctuality.

Parts Of Industrial Air Conditioner

We can also repair all types of industrial split system Air conditioners as per the damage part description provided by the client or customer. There are some important parts of Industrial Air Conditioner which are repaired by the Electozone service range provider. These parts of the Industrial Air Conditioner are given below:

  • Coolant / Refrigerant / AC gas
  • Compressor
  • AC Condenser Coil
  • Expansion valve of Air Conditioner.
  • AC Evaporator Coil
Part of Industrial Air Conditioner

The Electozone can easily repair all these parts of an Industrial Air Conditioner with a lot of exciting budget plans.