Residential Air Conditioner


The indoor parts of the Air Conditioner can handle the fan coil parts inside the AC. Electozone provides every kind of service related to three home appliances such as an Air Conditioner, refrigerator, and RO water purifier. It offers the user Residential as well as commercial Air Conditioner repairing services.

The outdoor parts of particular Air Conditioner Consist of two parts condenser and compressor and indoor parts include air handler and evaporator coils inside the Air Conditioner.

The main task of every Air Conditioner is removing the heat from the environmental air and provides various facilities related to the repairing service.

The Air Conditioner can be used for both purpose residential and commercial environment and some special kinds of Air Conditioner exist which reject the heat and provide the cooling environment to the user via using subterranean pipes.


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Every kind of AC achieves the cooling environment with the help of refrigeration cycle and the passive cooling system sometimes. The evaporation and free cooling procedure are mainly used for this purpose. The Air conditioner uses fans to distribute the conditioned air to the particular space in which AC is placed. The electric refrigerant-based Air Conditioners have the range to cool the small environmental space like the bedroom.

The Electozone provides AC repairing service with the latest and updated technologies. We also provide the gas filling Service, AC installation service of all three home appliances which are an Air Conditioner, refrigerator, and RO water purifier.

Types Of Residential Air Conditioner services

The Central Air conditioner is best for Residential purposes because it keeps the entire space cool and the user can expect low electricity bills by using these kinds of Air Conditioners. It provides cool temperature and low humidity in the environment.

The service agents of Electozone are the certified experts of Central Air Conditioner repairing service. These service providers have many different departments for repairing agents and divide as per the types of Air conditioners and skill of repairing agent. We are the complete solution of repairing service for Air Conditioner, refrigerator as well as RO water purifier.

The Electozone provides the service of every kind of Air conditioner as per the user’s requirement. Every type of Air Conditioner is designed for different spaces and reasons with several criteria. Some important types of Residential Air Conditioner are given below:

Central Air Conditioner For Industries

Central Air Conditioner For Industries

The Central Air Conditioners are located in the center of the provided space of the roof. This kind of Air conditioner is one base location AC which is never moved like portable Air conditioners.

Window AC

Window AC

The Window AC are mainly designed for the window rooms which have not enough space for AC installation on walls or any other place.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner

The portable Air Conditioner is also a movable Air Conditioner that is highly flexible with wheels. This Air Conditioner can move as per the user’s location.

Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Mini-Split Air Conditioner Or Ductless AC

The mini-split Air Conditioner is a heating and Cooling AC system that enables the user to control the temperature as per environmental comfort.

Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner

Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner

The solar hybrid Air Conditioner is mainly used to convert the waste heat energy into useful heat energy.

Geothermal Air Conditioner

Geothermal Air Conditioner For Heating And Cooling Purpose

The Geothermal Air Conditioner is a special kind of AC that uses the earth’s relatively constant temperature to provide the heating and cooling environment according to the user.